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JobFront is the first white-labeled job board software to use AI for everything from job scraping to personalization

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JobFront is an all-in-one job board software for communities, companies, and owners of premium domains who want to launch a customized job board without writing any code. Our integrated solution combines jobs scraping, a job board, email alerts, newsletters, blogs, analytics, reporting, talent collectives, monetization, and more into a single software platform that is no-code customizable.

We know.. there are already 100's of decent job board software products.. But JobFront is different. We built JobFront using AI from the ground up. Our AI scraping tools can find jobs posted on any website. Our Personalization tools match jobs to candidates with machine learning. Our AI rewrite tools re-write every job post's content to boost subscriber engagement. (And a lot more tricks that we'll announce soon!)

You can select different design templates, colors, and more. You can connect your custom domain for newsletter email sending and job board hosting.

Easy! Just reach out to us at and we'll take care of all the details - including porting over your content and SEO configurations.

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We're actively running dozens of experiments, building custom requested features, and going out of our way to support early customers. 50% of our customers have been via referral (with no affiliate program even set up yet!). Reach out to us even if you're just curious, we'd love to find a way to help you!